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Test Content for Company Culture

    Hedgehog and Fox, a fable in ancient Grace, tells a story that a fox knows a lot, while a hedgehog knows a single cause. Quarrels towards this difference between the  hedgehog and fox differ day by day. The hedgehogs is the one who always wins, though the fox is smarter than him.
    Marvin Chrysler, a professor in Princeton University, described the advantage of the hedgehog as this: “Do you want to know what distinguishes the ones who make a difference from those with equal wisdom? It is a  hedgehog.” A fox pursues several goals at a time, and outlook the world as a complex system. Their unsystematized and diffused theories would develop in many ways. What’s more, they never cluster their theories as a whole system or a combined view. While, a hedgehog simplifies the complicated world as a contractual system, a fundamental principle or a basic ideal, which dictates and directs the world. 2010© Copyright Map | Statement | Contact